About vSC

vSC was founded by Ulrich von Sacken, after a long career in the Li-ion cell manufacturing industry.

Our mission is to provide expert advice about Li-ion systems to our customers, particularly concerning failure analysis and cell design. We fully appreciate the sensitive nature of battery safety issues and will do our utmost to protect our customer’s confidential information.

About Ulrich von Sacken

For 20 years, Ulrich was employed at E-One Moli Energy Canada and its predecessor companies, where he rose to the position of General Manager of R&D. During his time there he oversaw the commercialization of advanced Li-ion cell designs including the first Mn spinel power cells specifically designed for cordless power tools.

More recently, as VP of Technology at BAK Battery Canada, Ulrich was involved with many aspects of BAK’s cylindrical, prismatic and polymer Li-ion production in China and understands the realities of Li-ion manufacturing in China.

Throughout his career, Ulrich has been particularly interested in the safety of Li-ion cells. Early on, at Moli Energy, he pioneered the use of Accelerating Rate Calorimetry (ARC) for studying the fundamental stability of Li-ion materials. Over the years he gained experience with various methods of simulating failures and evaluating cell safety. He has been the lead investigator for more than 150 failure analyses, including dozens of a serious nature.

Ulrich has a Ph.D in Physics from the University of Waterloo. He is the coauthor of numerous published papers and co-inventor of more than a dozen granted patents.