Why Bother Analyzing Returns?

Do you simply replace and recycle returned cells?

Do you realize that by scrutinizing these returns you can lower your risk and reduce your losses?

The root causes of serious incidents usually first show up as benign failures. Analyzing these apparently innocuous returns makes it easier to pinpoint the root cause and allows you to take preventative measures to avoid more serious incidents.

Who should analyze returns?

Every organization selling products with lithium ion batteries should develop a program to routinely sample benign failures (e.g. zero volt packs) for signs of more serious underlying problems. We can teach you how.

What would training cover?

We can provide customized In-house training adapted to your products, to help you build your in-house monitoring program. A typical training session would:

  • show you how to recognize warning signs based on the analysis of benign failures.
  • review the facilities and equipment required for effective analysis of returns.
  • include hands on examples, preferably selected from your returns.
  • cover strategies for selecting useful samples from among large numbers of returns.
  • show you how to distinguish benign self-discharge from potentially dangerous internal shorts.

For example see Case Study #3: Severe Cathode Contamination

Several low voltage self-discharging cells were found in a single batch of cells. When opened they contained large, mm size SD spots. Read more >