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Ulrich has provided battery failure analysis services for me four times over the last several years.  His knowledge and capabilities are unsurpassed and I continue to be delighted with his turn-around time, accuracy and cost effectiveness.

Rory Pynenburg, Ph.D., CTO at Mobile Power Solutions


Ulrich is one of the few North Americans who has done everything from materials development, cell design to mass-scale manufacturing.   Ulrich recently visited my research group for a day and consulted about electrolytes for Li-ion batteries.  This was a great day with a number of strong messages that have strongly influenced our research and planning.

Dr. Jeff Dahn FRSC, Professor of Physics and Atmospheric Science, Dalhousie University


I know of no other Li-ion battery expert who knows so much detail from R&D of materials and cell design to manufacturing and market issues than Ulrich.  He has lived on the front lines of R&D and manufacturing in this industry from its infancy to its current maturity. Most people having his type of tenure and position in the field inevitably got further and further from the real technical issues over time, making his background uniquely valuable.

In his consulting he brings incredible integrity, humility, and clarity to the table in addition to his awesome range of knowledge.  He tells you in direct simple terms what you need to hear, but spells out where he is an expert and where he can only speculate.

I give my highest recommendation to Ulrich for consulting on Li-ion batteries.

Kevin Eberman, Ph.D., Product Development Manager, 3M

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